Current Favorite Music For Inspiration and Performance

The Librarian Belongs To The City

(Performance Opens Spring 2017)

A Song Dance Production by Maverick and the Coalition

Maverick and the Coalition produce:

“A Tribute to the Blues Brothers (with Latin Sisters) Dance Show”

Sources of inspiration and influence:

Show Opening Song: Can’t Turn You Loose

Larry Carlton is back to playing his classic Gibson 335 guitar, but now he is playing through a custom BludoTone amplifier:

Here is a run-down of Larry’s equipment and guitars:

Larry Carlton Trio – Estival Jazz Lugano 2011

Set List:

01. Larry’s Blues
02. That Road
03. Wes Thing
04. Free Way
05. Smiles And Smiles To Go
06. Sunrise
07. Burnable
08. Cold Gold
09. Walk With Me
10. Comfort Zone
11. The Prince

Larry Carlton with Robbin Ford:

3 thoughts on “Current Favorite Music For Inspiration and Performance”

  1. Larry Carlton is BRILLIANT… he keeps re-inventing his music from
    the beginning days to the present and beyond. He is truly the best
    Blues-Jazz-Fusion Guitarist on the PLANET. GREAT TALENT!!!!

    1. Jim Neely !
      I’m just now writing new songs in the Middle-Eastern mode using the style of Techno-HipHop-Latin with my guitar style added, and will soon be adding vocals similar to those made by Tamara Rodriguez. If you recall some sound samples I shared with you a few years ago, I will be looking for that Sax sound to add to my new music. Interested?

      Best regards, ~Maverick

  2. Hi Cliff , I`m pleased to see you doing something with Tamara ; She will be going places in the business . See you @ Java Joe`s < Russ

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