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MAVERICK is ingenuous having the quality of being free, noble, honest, and open while a bit feral, wild, dangerous, and unfettered by cultural norms.; he is authentic masculinity; not branded (owned by no one); free roaming (a nomadic or free-spirited person).

By social norms, Jesus of Nazareth was a bit of a MAVERICK.

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Know Your Core Values for Doing a Start-up Business

Are you doing the start-up business just for the money goals?

Will going for the money be enough reason to compel and sustain your drive to achieve the goal through the hard times that all start-ups experience?

After years of doing business as a consultant to other companies,  I came to the realization that, for me, business never had as its primary purpose to be a financial institution.   All along it has been a means of experiencing a creative institution.  While other people I was working with were chasing financial objectives, or worse just spending time to justify getting a paycheck, I was consumed with creating a unique solution.

Like making music or a drawing and painting.  All the elements and tools used to create a business solution that operates profitably are like my palette of colors for my master piece.  Orchestrating the work effort of other people involved in the business was like getting the musicians in my band to play in a complementary way that enhances the total sound made by all the musicians playing the song together, but to advise each musician without telling them how to play their instrument or their part.

Business, like creating art or music, can be a venue for personal expression and artistry, at its heart more like a canvas than a spreadsheet.  Why?  Because business is about change.  Nothing stands still.  Markets change, products evolve, competitors move into the neighborhood, employees come and go.  There is always the “new kid from college” looking to make a name for themselves by threatening all you hold dear… your business.

Business is one of the last remaining social institutions to help us manage and cope with change.  The church is in decline in the developed world, ceding leadership to a materialism of unprecedented proportions.  Government and City Hall is subservient to the economic interest of its constituencies and special interest groups.  That leaves business.  Business, however, has a tendency to become tainted with the greed and aggressiveness that at its best it channels into productivity.  Left to its single-minded pseudo-Darwinian devices, it may never deliver the social benefits that the other fading institutions like the Church and Government once promised.

But, rather than give up on business, I have learned to look to it as a way, indirectly, of improving things for many people, not just a lucky few.  I’m willing and choose to accept business limitations and instead, look for opportunities to use it positively.  In America, the rules of business are like the laws of physics, neither inherently good or evil, to be applied as one may.  Each of us can decide whether our business is constructive or destructive.  I like helping people learn to understand this world viewpoint and help them express themselves in what they do, trying to make a difference through their business.  That’s why I’ve been a consultant businessman all my life, going from project to the next, helping other business people chase their dream through business.

So, the core values that can sustain a person through the tough times of doing a start-up other than the goal of making money are:
•    Creativity
•    Personal Expression
•    Making a Difference in Society

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Clifford has consulted since 1975 to many people in this city, like a Moon over San Diego.
Clifford has consulted to many people in this city since 1975, like a moon over San Diego.

Clifford “Maverick” Taylor has been in full-time self-employment all his life earning revenue as a entrepreneur consultant, with the most recent years generating income from On-demand services doing job-projects for Oceanology, Archaeology, Music Stage Productions, Information technology consulting, Database Management, Internet Marketing, Change Management, and Customer relationship management.

Maverick is very knowledgeable based on a constant and deliberate self-discipline of reinventing himself in new technologies and new forms of business marketing and development.  You will find his very creative nature, also found in his music, abounds in his innovative work to make your project a custom solution.

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