I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

(arrangement and recording
by “Maverick” –  Clifford V.F. Taylor)


I said I would prepare to play the song: I SEE FIRE, backing up the teen crew, so here is the MP3 copy of my studio tracks to the song that I am practicing for performance.

I created this Prak-Trak using the same arrangement as found on YouTube, with some instrumentation embellishments to create drive and crescendo dynamics at the end of the song.

This recording is in original key, Db.

I can change my midi Prak-Trak to any key, and tempo.  I also can MUTE the vocal melody track that is recorded in alto sax (which you will find a recording of, below).  I can synchronize this song sequence to projected images, projected text (sing along), and video clips.

This song sounds powerful through my band system and with added instruments, live : acoustic guitar, violin, and electric lead guitar, it creates a STRONG powerful instrument backup to the teen crew vocal chorus!

So, this is the first backing track for the Teen Crew, and it includes the melody track played by alto sax, until the song is learned by the soloist and choir.

This next MP3 recording is the practice track WITHOUT the alto sax playing melody, so COUNT carefully, slowly, in time to the metronome:

This next recording is Ed Sheeran and his original music video:

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