Professional Musicians Promote Music On A Large Scale Using Traffic Geyser

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Lemonade: Objectivism on Bailout – the character of laziness,mediocrity and incompetence

While it is good to consider the well-being need of others leading to their care where and when society can, there must be critical discernment regarding the character of a sluggard (laziness, mediocrity and incompetence) whose influence on society must be limited and contained.  Undeserved bailouts are NOT the best response from society toward those who choose to be lazy and incompetent:

Let society assist (and bailout in times of disaster not caused by incompetence) those who choose to apply themselves through their proactive  demonstration of self-discipline, self-restraint and self-government in their effort to be competent according to their age, skill, health and willingness to re-educate and learn more about how to contribute toward improving and serving society!

Special thanks to Mr. Mat at Deheasa Charter school for bringing this to my attention when we were sharing about how to teach our children political principles and precepts.

Who is John Galt? See Atlas Shrugged movie (part I) and read the book!


I pray that Part II and Part III of the movie, Atlas Shrugged, does promptly get made and shown to the public, as soon as possible.  While I could never make myself read this book back in the early 70’s when it was introduced to me, I had to read that old book with its old, crisp yellow pages after seeing the movie Part I.  I read the last 10-pages of Part I in the book to make the connection where the first of the three movies stopped with Wyatt’s Flame, and I couldn’t put down the book for the next week through the holidays.  Since having just read the book, it has helped me with words that reflect the character types that I can clearly discern within today’s American society, and I have been using these words to encourage anyone who will give me a listen to watch the Part I movie for it great drama, and then I encourage them to get the book and read it.  Why?  Because in the context of the political times in which we all live today, Atlas Shrugged clearly communicates the nature and major attributes of three character types: Producers (people with a nature of industry, ingenuity, invention, and creation); Looters (people with a nature to extract from Producers the wealth and prosperity made by people with  industrious nature, using the methods of a Looter such as political manipulation to engineer a social order by laws, fear and guns, i.e. Many people with only a government job; they are nice people but they are not a Producer’s friend); and Moochers (people with a nature of laziness, lacking a motivation of industry, sometimes called a sluggard in biblical terms).  And when Looters and Moochers collaborate through the form of “Democratic Government, i.e. popular vote (versus the other government forms: Anarchy, Republic, Democracy, Oligarchy, Monarchy) for their perceived “good”, then the popular vote of combined Looters and Moochers will drive the Producers into legal and financial slavery. I believe the making of Part II and Part III of Atlas Shrugged the movie could very well teach viewers the valuable meaning of being a people of industry working for a common good within the state of a government Republic, for the people, by the people, based on self-government, self-discipline and self-restraint.   We are the Republic of theUnited States of America, but we have forgotten who we are and how we should behave.  Now is the time for a national revival of industrious character, and the complete trilogy of Atlas Shrugged the movie is a timely tool to help us all remember what this means.