1 – YORE Recording Studio Sessions (Paul Wellin: organizer)

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The landing page for this web site will change frequently to address Maverick’s project focus found listed on the Calendar of Events. The landing page will provide what is needed to be ready, informed, and rehearsed before meeting with Maverick and the coalition of other artists at the time and location shown on the Calendar of Events, below:

Maverick at Las Vegas (2010)


Contact MAVERICK by call or text at: (858) 576 – 8363

MAVERICK is ingenuous having the quality of being free, noble, honest, and open while a bit feral, wild, dangerous, and unfettered by cultural norms.; he is authentic masculinity; not branded (owned by no one); free roaming (a nomadic or free-spirited person).

The list of songs (audio samples w/charts) can be found below this Calendar of Event.

A Calendar of Events to Follow Maverick by:

Session “SONG LIST” by democratic process with Paul Wellin (organizer).  Maverick uses these sessions to discover potential members for his 30-week touring 3-hr musical show.

Saturday, January 27, 2018 session

Maverick’s song suggestions, as well as Paul Wellin’s  song list for this session.  Here is a PDF document will the songs by arrangement and chords.  Song samples follow:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Here is another playlist on YouTube of these songs:


    • Use Me (Bill Withers, Widespread Panic – funk version)

    • Bad Moon Rising (CCR)

    • Ticket To Ride (Beatles)

    • Summertime (George Gershwin: Ella Fitzgearld version)

    • Blues Boogie Jam (John Lee Hooker: with Carlos Santana & Etta James

    • Feelin Alright (Traffic)

Other songs in the sand box:

Saturday, November 25, 2017 session

These are the songs that will be practiced during this session.  The songs here are not a part of Maverick’s show:

Day Tripper (Beatles)

PrakTrak for backing rehearsal performance:

Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

PrakTrak for backing rehearsal performance:

One Way Out (Allman Brothers Band: 1972)

PrakTrak for backing rehearsal performance:

Use Me Up (Bill Withers)

PrakTrak for backing rehearsal performance:

Good Lovin (Young Rascals)

PrakTrak for backing rehearsal performance:

Glad (Traffic with Steve Winwood)

PrakTrak for backing rehearsal performance:

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