2017 Humanitarian Projects

The Nevada Trust that was created in November 2013 has recently become active again, and many persons and investors are on red alert to make their appointed time with bankers to do business and get funded for humanitarian projects.

With all my documents in good order, I am just waiting for the phone call from the attorney with power to make arrangements and appointments.

While waiting, I was asked by the attorney to write and submit some gross budgets and a project description for each of the humanitarian projects I have in mind to manage with the funded Trust.  While I have four projects in mind, the following two are some of my considerations.  I would also like to build many Youth Crisis Intervention Ranches throughout the world (each completely self-sustained and run like a Marine Corp facility), and also acquire and make available as inexpensive-affordable housing for College students near all major Universities.  And last but not least, I still deeply desire to do my personal music projects which are stage show performances (which provide support and opportunity to emerging artists of stage production, song, dance and instruments) as well as my personal field archaeology projects  for educating college-level anthropologists and archaeologists while restoring my 1977 work as ARCHAEOLOGICAL RECONNAISSANCE renewing my interest and publication about Settlement Pattern Studies in the archaeological record.

When this all goes down, I’ll be needing attentive personal assistants to travel with me and help track the schedule of events for each project being created and worked on.

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