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Also, google: Clifford VF Taylor (a.k.a.) particularly to  find his Archaeology works (1977 – 1983);  i.e. links:

— Clifford V. F. Taylor (1980) developed a variant of Lyons’ method. Rather than using the logarithmic curve that Lyons had fitted to Barker’s Cholla Bay ridge averages, Taylor proposed using site-specific logarithmic curves based on archaeological collections. Curves were fitted to data from sites SDM-W-192A (San Diego Bay), SDM-W-132A (Agua Hedionda Lagoon), and SDI-4281. Implicitly, Taylor also aligned the annual grooves with January 1 rather than May 1. He argued that stronger seasonal patterning was found when the site-specific curves were used in place of the Cholla Bay curve.

Carrico, Richard L. and Clifford V. F. Taylor 1983 “Excavation of a Portion of Y stagua: A Coastal Valley Ipai Settlement.” Environmental Impact Report on file at the City of San Diego, Environmental Quality Division.

Taylor, Clifford V.F. 1982 Campo Indian Reservation Cultural Resources Inventory. Westec Services, San Diego.

7. Some of the villages include, Teshill, liahkaay, Kwaaymii, kwatatl and Wiiapaayp (Cuyapaipe). Refer to Lora L. Cline, “The Kwaaymii: Reflections of a Lost Culture,” Imperial Valley College Museum Occasional Paper No. 5, for a more detailed discussion of these settlements. Archaeological remnants of the village at Wiiapaayp were encountered during a recent archaeological study of the entire Cuyapaipe Reservation. See Clifford V. F. Taylor and Richard L. Carrico, “Cultural Resource Survey and Assessment of the Cuyapaipe Indian Reservation, San Diego County California,” United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, Riverside, California, 1981.

Docs from Clifford V F Taylor, aka: Clifford Taylor Fleischbein:

MORE links relate to Clifford Taylor Fleischbein’s (a.k.a. Clifford V.F. Taylor) archaeological passage-in-his-life:

Carrico, Richard L., and Clifford V. F. Taylor. 1983. Excavation of a Portion of Ystagua: A Coastal Valley Ipai Settlement. WESTEC Services, San Diego.  n.d.. Phase I Test Excavations of Portions of SDi-5443, Situated on Hallmark Circuits, Inc. Property. WESTEC Services, San Diego.

Also, check out Clifford’s life-passage doing archaeological work in Aerial Balloon Photography using remote sensing technology.



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