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MAVERICK is ingenuous having the quality of being free, noble, honest, and open while a bit feral, wild, dangerous, and unfettered by cultural norms.; he is authentic masculinity; not branded (owned by no one); free roaming (a nomadic or free-spirited person).

By social norms, Jesus of Nazareth was a bit of a MAVERICK.

I welcome YOU to join others with me on my “Roam Abouts”!  It is my  hope to meet you if you have a common interest in the subjects, topics, world view-point as I have shared here, and that you have time to share, actively seeking a new experience living in the “now” making fresh stories to tell about our journey together.

Each month, I post here announcements regarding date(s) and location(s) of “Roam Abouts” that I’m making, where you can find me, and participate with me. Just text me @ (858) 576 – 8363, and let me know you are heading toward me for a rendezvous, and I’ll text you back with location details to make the connection.

I offer you a warm, heart-felt greeting; and welcome you to sit at my fire where I’ll host and care for you.

Upcoming “Roam Abouts”

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
(9:00 am to 5:00pm)
Roaming Santa Ysabel with lunch at Julian

During the week of May 12 through May 18, 1980, I led an archaeological reconnaissance expedition including ten (10) crew members to survey approximately 4,300 acres called the southern portion of the Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation in San Diego County.

On this “Roam About”, we will return to the Santa Ysabel area to hike and seek out the unique experience that can only be found in the season of Autumn Fall (September / October) in the high-desert, rolling hills; with granite bed-rock boulders among grasses, chaparral, water streams and oak trees.

Based on Native-American folklore, the area surrounding the Santa Ysabel Valley was known by the Indian name “Ellykwanan.” The original inhabitants who lived in the Santa Ysabel village called themselves “Iipay,” “the People.” The Iipay are part of the larger Kumeyaay people that once populated much of the geographic area of present day San Diego County. The Iipay of “Ellykwanan” lived in the general vicinity of the Santa Ysabel Valley as well as the villages of Mataguay and San Felipe near S-2. The Iipay were governed by a “Kuseyaay” or “Captain” who managed the religious, political and economic life of the people as well as trade relations with other tribes.

Maverick is Clifford V.F. Taylor a.k.a Clifford Taylor Fleischbein


What is Maverick’s Legecy?

Music Artist / Stage Performer / Band Leader

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  • An expert performance bandleader with a variety of musical skills.  A music director who chooses the “setlist” (the list of songs that will be played in each show, sets the tempo for each song and starts each song, leads the start of new sections of songs (e.g., signalling the creation of a medley, or the start of a solo) and leads the endings of each song. The bandleader is also onstage with the group, so she or he has to be a strong performer on lead vocals or an instrument. The bandleader also needs to have a good general knowledge of the different parts played by all the rhythm section instruments (guitar, keyboards, electric bass, drum kit) and solo instruments (e.g., lead guitar, saxophone, etc.), as she or he has to audition prospective new members of the band and lead rehearsals. The bandleader also typically selects new songs for the group, particularly if the group is a cover band or a tribute band. In some cases, the bandleader may manage other aspects of the band, such as organizing tours and sound recording sessions. Some bandleaders are also composers and songwriters for their group. Often the bands are named after their bandleaders, or the backing band is given its own name, distinct from the bandleader (e.g., Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band or Elvis Costello and The Attractions. Some older bands have continued operating under their bandleaders’ names long after the death of the original bandleader.[1] 
  • Maverick is the bandleader, and all other musicians on stage with him are the “Coalition”, which can change from music event to music event.







  • an expert in the study of the sea in all its aspects, including oceanography, geophysical phenomena, undersea exploration, economic and military uses, etc.

Anthropologist / Archaeologist

  • an expert in or student of anthropology: the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.  The scinentific study of human beings’ similarity and their works.
  • Archaeological Reconnaissance expert: the nondestructive techniques used in geophysical prospecting and to generate archaeological data without excavation. It is a general term for preliminary research and surface survey techniques that leave subsurface archaeological deposits undisturbed.

IT Systems Management Consultant

Business Internet Marketing Specialist


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