Maverick since 1977: Archaeological Reconnaissance – Clifford V.F. Taylor

Archaeological Reconnaissance

DEFINITION: The nondestructive techniques used in geophysical prospecting and to generate archaeological data without excavation. It is a general term for reconnaissance and surface survey techniques that leave subsurface archaeological deposits undisturbed.

When you go roaming with Maverick when he is focusing on archaeological reconnaissance, you will learn how to read maps, use compass equipment to locate positions on a map, how to identify cultural resources, and explore biology, hydrology, and geology in terms of its influence on nomadic clans as expressed by their settlement patterns in using the land.  When you go roaming, you will adventure out to explore canyons, creeks, high plateaus, grass lands, rock formations, and more.  In this context, you can explore the thoughts and feelings the early people might have when they passed over these same lands, but without modern conveniences; instead, where every thing you needed was taken from the natural resources.

Clifford V.F. Taylor "Maverick" doing Archaeological Reconnaissance since 1977
Maverick Archaeological Reconnaissance since 1977 by Clifford V. F. Taylor

So.. a warm WELCOME is extended to those of you who read this and have the time, now, to bring yourself with anticipation, curiosity and adventuresome spirit; to join me at the fire to learn how to do these things.  This adventure will not be primitive camping, but will require excellent hiking skills and endurance.  I have setup camp to be a central meeting place for this archaeological “Roam-About” where we can group and meet at the Julian Lodge.

To make arrangements, you can text me at: (858) 576 – 8363.  You can join the adventure at any day or time that you get here, and know that you can rest assured that eventually you will find me at camp, based upon the schedule below.

I’m going to do several, good adventure hikes that you are welcome to attend; so to have the experience you now have my schedule (below) which will show you where you will find me, and when I’ll will return to camp (just in case you miss the connection for any of the events:

Saturday night, April 22, 2017

  • Load Suburban with tools and equipment for Outdoor cooking, music session, hiking (the Head Waters of the Cedar Creek Falls), survey for Archaeological Reconnaissance “Roam-About” based out of Julian, California. [Sunday and Monday Night at Julian Lodge, hosting Queen Room #208, 4th & C Streets, Julian, CA 92036 phone (760) 765-1420]
  • Reservation set
  • Get the Maps, archaeology study notes, and Camper’s Guides for this region.
  • Night drive by moon light through the Santa Ysabel vibrant green grassy hills, up over the grade at Julian, and down the backside of the mountain range to overlook the Borrego Badlands Desert from camp, looking and waiting for a early sun rise.

Sunday morning, April 23, 2017

  • Son-rise breakfast @ 5am
    (outdoor cooking: Coffee / Spam / Eggs and rice – cowboy style )
    During the night camping out at Banner Grade, I got to view the most beautiful sliver of a moon with a very bright star:

    Traveling Banner Grade coming up to 4000 feet elevation in to the mining town: Julian, California.
  • Hike Cedar Creek Falls from the Eagle Peak Road / Saddleback Trailhead (From Santa Ysabel, take Highway 78 east towards Julian, to Pine Hills Road [from this turn it is 20+ minutes to the Preserve]. Turn right onto Eagle Peak Road. After a short distance, Eagle Peak Road becomes a County maintained dirt road. It is generally in really good condition. Wet weather can make the road a bit slippery in a couple of spots so please drive carefully. The drive provides incredible views. Approximately 1/2 mile before the end of the road at the Saddleback Trailhead, you will come to the Preserve. A Preserve Sign is located at the first entrance. There are three (3) trail entries. Parking is available at the 2nd and third entrance where all parking is on the left side of the road).

    After checking into the Julian Lodge to establish camp in room 208, I took a look around to discover the city jail!  Next prompt move is to get out in the field and survey the area using the Eagle Rock Road and Saddleback Trail head as a prospective destination.

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  • Return to camp for clean-up, archaeology / history discussion and rest before evening schedule of events.  Got back to camp at 5:30pm, purchased some firewood, got showered and cleaned up, ready for dinner at 6:30pm

    Sunday evening, April 23, 2017

    • Stroll the small city of Julian, CA
    • Dining and Pleasure
      I found a good Rib Eye steak at the Rongbranch Restaurant served with salad and mashed potatoes.

  • Star gazing
    I’m going to drive the Suburban up to Eagle High Point Goldmine to park, then I’ll put the futon on top of the truck roof so it will be comfortable to lay on my back on the futon in order to enjoy gazing up, into the stars.  If you haven’t done this before, then you need to be here to experience it.

    Eagle Gold Mine, 5 Stamp Mill Assay Office and Blacksmith Shop Located 39 chains N.E. of Julian City, California. 100 years old 1970 is a GREAT place to park for stargazing:

    Eagle Gold Mine Julian City, CA

Monday morning, April 24, 2017

  • View early morning sunrise at 6am
  • Chatholic Mass at 8am
  • Breakfast at Soups and Such Cafe at 9am

    Soups & Such Cafe 2000 Main Street, Ste. 101 Julian, CA 92036 760-765-4761 Homemade soups, sandwiches, burgers and salads Best breakfast in town Come in and enjoy the fresh flower shop too Cuisine: American (New), Breakfast, Burgers, Sandwiches, Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Mid-morning easy hike
  • Noon – music preparation
  • Rest

Monday evening, April 24, 2017

  • Camp fire
  • Music and singing
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Star gazing

Tuesday morning, April 25, 2017

  • Early checkout / pack up camp
  • Travel and breakfast in Poway, CA
  • 8:45am Poway, CA: Jiffy Lube CSAT Class at store #1656


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