My Journey through Peripheral Neuropathy

The immediate objective and everlasting goal, is to wake-up and THRIVE in all aspects of my life based on integrity and non-violation with a trans-world view:

Let’s Begin!

A journal blog post of events recorded by “Maverick” (2017-07-21:Clifford V.F. Taylor)

The recorded Process of Events, logged by date and description:

My nutrition plan to become leaner, stronger, and made ready for developing:

  1. Cardiovascular Efficiency
  2. Body Composition
  3. Muscular Strength
  4. Muscular Endurance
  5. Muscular Flexibility

First step, change my diet to get rid of the belly fat and get my testosterone to maximum level:

EATING: Healthy, Delicious, Fresh Prawn Rolls

Who ever said that eating healthy is too bland must not have eaten delicious foods like this. Fresh, natural, and nutritious ingredients can come together to make a dish that tastes great and easy to make.

Chef Gordon Ramsay goes through how you can put together these Vietnamese-inspired fresh prawn rolls. Mix up the ingredients, wrap them, dip, and boom – it’s that easy.

  • Do you prefer wrapped food or sandwiched food?
  • Would you choose to eat healthier foods if you knew more about preparing them?
  • Or not having to bake anything?

Use Food To Help You Achieve The Body You Deserve:


Next step, change my weekly exercise regimen in support of abs for men over 40:


Requesting coverage under a Medi-Care account, and How the request was managed by the S.S.A. Medi-Care system:



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