3 – MAVERICK Studio Sessions

MAVERICK sessions at Yore Studio

Sports Arena
3730 Greenwood St.
San Diego, CA 92110

The Sports Arena Yore Studio location is just off of the Rosecrans exit at Interstate 5 and 8. The studio is 15′x17′ with air conditioning and great gear, this is a private studio so there are no other bands playing next to us.

Maverick rents this studio:

$15 per hour for 3+ hours
$20 per hour for 1-2 hours

Before bringing a lot of equipment a session, our studio starts with:

Gretsch Birch Catalina 5 piece kit (cymbals not included)
Hartke LH500 bass amp with Ampeg 410 HLF cab
Marshall MG100HDFX Amp and Cab
Fender Frontman 100 watt Combo Amp
2 speaker PA system with Mackie Mixer, 3 microphones, stands and cables.

Maverick’s song list:

  1. Albert’s Shuffle

2. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

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