The Circle of Life in a State of War by ATTRACTION Hungarian Shadow Dance Troupe

ATTRACTION performs to “Read All About It”

ATTRACTION is a Hungarian shadow dance theater troupe. They do an excellent job of producing a unique dance presentation by creating story pictures by using their bodies in the creation of shadow art. In this presentation to Britian’s Got Talent, you will observe the ATTRACTION dance team performing to ever popular song “Read All About It” by Emeli Sande. You will be inspired and moved by this first week of auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.

ATTRACTION presentation earns four (4) yeses:


attraction hungarian shadow dance troupeIn 2004, Zoltan Szűcs founded his dance team called ATTRACTION Black Light Theatre in Hungary.  To date, it is the beginning and only Hungarian “Black Theatre” type of  dance production in this country.  The ATTRACTION dance team only has twelve (12) members covering an assortment of performer styles including contemporary dance artists, modern folk dancers, ballet dancers, hip hop, electric boogie, break dancers and jugglers.

The director and driving force leading this the team is choreographer Zoltan Szűcs.  The ATTRACTION dance team perform with remarkable and incredible accuracy.  Like most audiences, you will be inspired and dazzled by their complete  concentration as well as the unique visual images that synchronize so beautifully with special music.


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