The Ranch House at 1211 Rivera Drive and its Bunk House ‘Man Cave’

Hello all:

Maverick leaving his music career for full-time employment as an underwater diver.
Clifford “Maverick” Taylor Fleischbein: in 1974 he was an active Oceanologist working for Oceanic Marine Corp. in San Diego, California, working as a professional underwater recovery diver.

Maverick, here…

I am writing for you and for myself as I’m making plans…


My new plan for the 1st QTR 2017, is a road trip [and this writing is an invitation for anyone looking for a ride]; through Northern California, arriving in Sacramento to spend six (6) days on the Ranch and living in the Bunk House (apt. of grandpa living in 1952 – great-grandpa to some readers, Orvil Fleischbein was the name of my father’s father.)

The Bunk House today (2017-May-01):

I will return PROMPTLY to San Diego by driving the US-5 Interstate in one (1) day, with 8-hours rest before going back to work at Jiffy Lube! (L.O.L.)

[SIDE THOUGHT]: I need to go back through my archives and rebuild my family documents (since my original research collected from 1972 through 1981 {Clifford V.F. Taylor’s. college years} was tossed out into the alley dumpster in Ocean Beach near our home in 1989 at the address of: 1868 Bacon St #A and #B, San Diego, CA 92107) based on the newer records that I have gleaned since the old-records lost in 1981. My new chronicle of the family tree is now based on many years of history lived, but also certified training by U.C.Santa.Barbara. and four (4) years field experience practicing and recording for the U.S. Smithsonian Institute information about the preservation of Cultural and Archaeological U.S. Natural Resources (google = Clifford V.F.Taylor San Diego 1979 – 1985) {I remember the stories from my dad, but the names challenge me}

Back to the trip planning…

I’m thinking of taking two (2) days to drive north, using the old US-395 highway; where I can now view and inspect the road improvements I’ve recently heard of.

This trip will bring me north, through the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. I will drive up the mountains through the Donner Pass.

The Donner Party (sometimes called the Donner-Reed Party) was a group of American pioneers led by George Donner and James F. Reed who set out for California in a wagon train in May 1846. They were delayed by a series of mishaps and mistakes, and spent the winter of 1846–47 snowbound in the Sierra Nevada.

I will be driving through the pass, stopping at Donor Lake to review the stomping grounds that I lived at for two (2) summers {the years 1970 – 71} in a cabin, just a few lanes down the road from Donner Lake shore-line.  I lived with Robert ‘Bob’ Day because he needed to live in the mountains in the summer to reduce asthma attacks. I was invited to be his escort, friend and helper. It was these long, hot, summer nights that Bob and I found the time to learn many new, popular radio songs (Neil Young, Stones, Steve Miller, The Band, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks band). And, Bob Day learned to play his guitar by watching and learning with Clifford “Maverick” Taylor (1970-71)

The plan is to have one night stay, camping out, and arrive at the Sacto Rancho by mid morning the 2nd day of driving.

Would you be interested in taking the road trip with me?

I will be taking my music and movie gear with me intending to host one-evening to my neighbors (you are invited).

If it hasn’t been too wet in March, then I might consider asking Jeff Archer if I can borrow the dirt bike and the motor/bike travel stand… AGAIN! I’d love another day at the Prairie City OHV near Rancho Cordova area by our ranch.

So, again… what is your 2017 Spring schedule looking like?

I need a copy of your schedule (ASAP) to finalize my plans. I’m taking the old Coleman stove from my dad, back to the Ranch and will be using it on this camping trip. And some of my guitar music equipment will be moved to the Ranch.

Best Regards,

~ Dad


Clifford’s growing understanding of the GCR that keeps him hoping and believing

Attn: Richard Wells

Maybe reading some of my blog collection will help you understand my developing perspective of the GCR.

I pray for a “POP” in the GCR implementation, but I’m pragmatic regarding the process of a global international banking system being created to sustain a GCR event.


If the GCR does not happen soon, I hope to live long enough to see devalued currencies rise to their rightful norm without American USD interference, within my life-time.

It has been one-full-year in which I solely own the property in Sacramento without Karen, my deceased sister. Hoorah! It feels good to be the sole owner of the property that I call: “The Ranch” where my father built the Ranch-Style House, and my grand-father’s apt called “The Bunk House”; i.e. my man-cave.

I’ll setup a slide show of photos and share how the property has evolved. I removed four (4) dead trees last year (2016) and the land look BIGGER ! 😋

I’m planning to visit my “Ranch” and “bunk-house” in Sacramento the last part of March 2017 (1st quarter maintenance to property – visit). Might you be available for a visit?

Kind regards,

Clifford “Maverick” Taylor
(858) 576 – 8363