The World’s Land Owners are at War!

By JC Collins

The Crowns of the Beast and Our Spiritual Evolution

Sometimes I feel hopeless. The weight of our situation is so overwhelming that emotions overtake me and I suffer fleeting moments of despair. This is always brought on by the realization that we truly are born into a world of slavery. The beast system is all encompassing and has infiltrated all aspects of material and spiritual existence.

But there is hope, and when I remember this I spring back to life and feel empowered under the force of my own right-minded action and integrity.

In researching the history of the international monetary system and the rise and fall of empires, some interesting patterns begin to emerge. The full scope of human undertakings must be considered when compiling a true record of human history. All things are connected on multiple levels, and nothing stands in isolation to the total sum.

The series SDR and the New Bretton Woods which launched Philosophy of Metrics (POM) represented the first step towards full awareness about the machinations of world powers. Over the last four years we have covered a lot of ground and most of the predictions made have been accurate. Promoting understanding of the truth is not popular as the large majority of the disorganized masses have a natural aversion to the truth, and instead desire the false comfort of rumour and fantastical narratives which distract from the cruel reality around them. POM has continued researching and promoting full awareness about world powers and the incremental growth of readers around the world would suggest the hard work is achieving the outlined objectives.

This article is meant to bring together some of the different topics which we have covered. The SDR and monetary information is woven through it all. The first instalment of what was meant to be an extended Antichirst series will be consolidated into this piece alongside the ongoing research about the double-headed eagle symbolism and World Adversarial Force. The esoteric themes represent the framework which holds it all together.

Perhaps we should categorize it all under the label “Law of Adversity”, for that is truly what we are learning about. The origins of modern law can be traced back to the Phoenician Empire. Versions of law were implemented from the very beginning of human history, but the Phoenician Empire organized and structured advanced systems of law which have evolved to become the complex legal frameworks which control the majority of the modern world.

Let’s take a quick look at some basics. Here in Canada all land is owned by the Crown. Now most Canadians think that the Crown is the Queen of England, but this is not the case. The British Royal Family serves a purpose and maintains their importance through serving the Crown in whatever capacity is required, as do other families and institutions.

Canadians (as well as Americans and citizens of most nations) are born and go about the business of getting an education and entering the workforce. The time and labor which is accumulated by each Canadian is likely to end up being paid to a bank for a mortgage on a property of some sort. This property can never be legally owned by the person who’s name is on the mortgage documents alongside the name of the banking institution. Even if the mortgage is completely paid in full, the person will still have to request that the banks named be removed from the land title.

But what no one ever really questions is the legal ownership status of the land as detailed on the title document. Here in Canada the terms Freehold Lease or Land Tenure are used. These legal terms mean that the person who spent half of their life, or more, paying a mortgage is now only leasing the land for free, and allowed tenure on the land which is in fact legally owned by the Crown. This legal land owning practice goes back to the Phoenicians and their implementation of systems of law to manage cultural and socioeconomic mandates for the purpose of controlling mass populations.

Legal names on government documents require all capitals. As an example, my legal corporate name is JARED COLLINS, and is required to be documented as such on all legal documents which serve as a contract between corporations. Contract law and corporate law are the frameworks which govern the world, and most people never stop to consider why they are instructed to use all CAPITALS when completing legal documents. The LEGAL you is a fabrication and serves to further enslave use under a system of perpetual taxation and wealth transference.

The purpose of this system is not about consolidating more wealth. It is about preventing the growth and consolidation of wealth outside of the system. This would be wealth which could be used to threaten the existence of the system from the outside. At times certain nations and small empires have been allowed to exist as long as they incorporated parts of the Beast system into their own internal frameworks.

Russia is a nation which has integrated aspects of the Beast system, but has not fully succumbed to the full force of the system itself. The Russian landmass accounts for 4.2 billion acres, which is 11% of the Earths total habitable land mass of 36.8 billion acres. This accounts for a huge Russian presence on the Eurasian continent.

Those who have been following the double-headed eagle articles will know that Russia is the one nation which has never been successfully conquered and enslaved by this outside system of legal influence. Throughout history empires such as Napoleons, as well as the Ottoman Empire, were used along with the German people in two world wars, to achieve the objective of invading and subjugating the Russian land mass. All failed, and the ongoing strategic moves by NATO and America, which constitute the Anglo-American establishment arm of the Crown, represent the continuation of this goal.

It is interesting that urban legend and some old prophecies tell us that both Napoleon and Hitler were previous antichrists as mentioned in the Book of Revelations. Both Napoleon and Hitler were used by powerful forces to attempt the invasion and subjugation of Russia. This comparison and pattern will be important as we move further into this material.

The Phoenicians also structured the governance of their empire around the concept of city states. In the modern world there are three city states which exist. They are the City of London, the Vatican, and Washington DC. I suspect that both Jerusalem and Hong Kong are being positioned for city state status also.

Located in the City of London, outside of banking and financial institutions, is the Crown Temple. The Crown Temple manages the systems of international law and is another corporation which is controlled by the Vatican.

The Vatican City itself, is the trustee of the Catholic Church, and is one of the most powerful and wealthiest organizations in the world. There is ample evidence and thought provoking cases made which support the thesis that the Catholic Church is the Beast and Antichrist from Revelations. Some of the evidence matches with our literal interpretations of the Bible and the Book of Revelations, such as:

  1. It exists as both a church and a city. The Vatican is both a church and a city state.
  2. It is seated upon seven mountains. The seven hills of Rome which the Vatican touches are Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, and Viminal.
  3. It is arrayed with purple and scarlet, as well as gold and precious stones. The church is pretty flashy with all the purple and red cloaks, and idols adorned with gold and gems. Not to mention that purple was one of the important colours of the Phoenician priest class.
  4. Asserts power over all the inhabitants of Earth. There is no doubt that the Catholic Church has immense power around the world.
  5. It arose within a densely populated region with cultural diversity. Europe could be accurately described this way.
  6. Eradicated other kingdoms and empires with its rise to power. The Catholic Church did wage war against existing empires in the region of Europe and the Mediterranean, including the Anglo-Saxons, the Vandals, the Visigoths, Heruli, Astrogoths, and Franks, plus others, but there is much more to this, as we will discover. It is interesting to note that there are no bloodlines which exist today which can be traced back to some of these kingdoms (Vandals, Visigoths and Heruli), as if “they were ripped out by the root”.
  7. The Beast makes war with the saints. The war and violence the Church has committed against the true Christians, such as the Cathars, and centuries later the Protestants, can not be denied. The Inquisition is a stain upon human history, and is estimated the Beast had killed over 100 million of the those who sought spiritual freedom and evolution.
  8. A single man acts and speaks for the whole. The Pope fills this role, and is the only spokesman for the entire Roman Catholic Church.
  9. The “sovereign” of this kingdom exalts himself above God. The Pope is called the Father and does in fact exalt himself above God. As a side note on this point, The Sovereign is also another name for the Crown. Pope Leo XIII wrote “We hold upon this Earth the place of God Almighty.”
  10. The name and number of the Beast is the name and number of a man, and this number is 666. The Pope’s “Crown” holds the inscription “Vicarius Filii Dei”. Translated from Latin this means “Vicar of the Son of God”. Vicar means “substitute”. So the Pope is the substitute for the Son of God upon the Earth. The numerical value of this Latin name is 666.
  11. The Antichrist speaks pompous words and blasphemies. The claims of the Pope to be God on Earth serves as the ultimate blasphemy. The Church also claims to be able to forgive sins. That doesn’t sound right to me.
  12. Changed the time and the law of God. The Catholic Church has modified the ten commandments, such as removing the 2nd commandment about idol worship, and along with changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, in fact reset the calendar to year zero 2017 years ago as a part of its efforts to hijack, halt and take control of the spiritual revolution which was taking place at the time. In addition, the Church created and implemented the Gregorian Calendar in the year 1582. It actually removed 10 days from existence. The Protestants resisted the new calendar and Ukraine and Russia never did use it.

Readers will note from other posts that the Protestant Reformation was started by the Knights Templar centuries before, who the Catholic Church arrested and murdered. The Templars used the double-headed eagle as its emblem, as did the Eastern Holy Roman Empire (not the Vatican) who supported and protected the Protestant Reformers. Russia and Ukraine have also use the double-headed eagle and supported the Eastern Holy Roman Empire.

It is clear from the above information that the Catholic Church is the best fit for the Beast and Antichrist. But there is so much more which needs to be considered. There is still the Dragon which gave the Beast its powers.

When it comes to owning land, the Church owns about 177 million acres. This amounts to around 0.5% of the total habitable land on Earth. It has other wealth, such as banks and other financial assets, along with gold and untold historical documents, but its not enough to suggest it alone has dominion over the whole Earth.

The Crown is referenced as owning 6.6 billion acres, which is 18% of the Earth. But the Crown in this regard is only referring to the land accumulated and owned by the British Empire. It doesn’t include the landmass of the United States, China, India, and Africa, all of which good cases can be made for ownership by the Crown. The fact that America, and each of the other regions use the system of international law which is managed by the Crown Temple in the City of London, would strongly suggest that the Crown, or Sovereign, would own those lands as well.

This would put Crown land ownership well over 50% of the Earth’s total habitable land mass.

We will explore that more in future articles.

Consider, the Beast that rises from the sea in Revelations represents the habitable land mass of the Earth. Empires and human weakness attempt to conquer and control this land. Is it possible that Russia is the only land mass which has not yet been conquered and subjugated by the Crown (Dragon), and as such, is the only nation (with perhaps Iran/Persia) which is preventing the full Beast/Antichrist system from being complete?

Russia makes up a huge part of the Eurasian continent. Eurasia has 80% of the worlds resources and contributes 80% to the global GDP. It also houses 85% of the worlds population. It can never be fully controlled as long as Russia is not completely subjugated. Russia has been, and continues to be, the great prize.

The Crown is not the British Empire. The British Royal Family are used by the Crown, much like other nations and people are used. It is my conclusion that the Crown is the reconstituted Phoenician Empire and its system of laws and city state governance structure. The Crown owns the vast majority of the world’s surface land and the people who dwell upon that land. All must be a part of the Beast system in order to participate in commerce and the purchase of goods.

Sounds familiar, right?

There is also building evidence that the Catholic Church was used to create the religion of Islam. It is probable that Islam was the tool used by the Crown (Phoenicians) to control the whole of the Middle East and its Arab peoples. Even the Seafaring People, who the Phoenicians used to invade and wage war against its enemies, evolved into the Jewish people of the modern world. The Hebrews, who absorbed much of the Babylonian religion, wandered without a homeland and were incorporated into the Phoenician forces as the mysteries Seafaring People of the Mediterranean.

Both the United Nations and the Catholic Church have called for there to be a new international monetary system, and the call for a world government is getting louder. The Pope is even working towards merging all religions into one and is openly promoting the tenets of Islam and worldwide liberalism and multiculturalism.

The Protestant Reformation was an attempt by the forces of right-mindedness to counter the Crown and its growing institutions in the world. The Crown went to work on a counter-reformation and began a centuries long campaign against Russia and those who supported right-minded action based on integrity and honour. This war continues today, and until the Russian land mass is successfully conquered there will always be a beachhead from which the battles can be fought.

All of the religions of the world suppress spiritual evolution. The Eastern religions still maintain some semblance of spiritual purpose, but the importing of these religions into the Western world is slowly corrupting them.

The ancient mystery schools also maintained the purpose and process of spiritual evolution, but these were corrupted a long time ago and little from within the esoteric and hermetic schools of the modern world should be trusted. The Crown has attempted to destroy the process of spiritual evolution in the material world. It wages war upon those who carry the double-headed eagle emblem, as the double-headed eagle represents the coming together of the material and spiritual bodies. Two become one.

It is interesting that it was the workers and craftsmen from Phoenician King Hiram of Tyre who assisted the Hebrews with the building of Solomons Temple in Jerusalem. Thousands of years later it was the Knights Templar (double-headed eagle) who excavated under the old temple and discovered something which forced the Catholic Church to turn on them.

Perhaps they discovered truth.

The divisions in this world begin within each one of us. It is the light and darkness which battle for control of our lives. We project this battle out into the material world. The adversity this battle creates encourages learning. We only learn through adversity. This is why no matter what the Dragon or Beast does, it will lose. The more of the world it controls, the more the people of the world are stricken with hardship and adversity. The more adversity, the more we learn how to spiritually evolve.

The World Adversarial Force is the Dragon. The Beast and Antichrist are its systems of governance and controls which manage and engineer the cultural and socioeconomics of the world. The Dragon exists within each one of us. It is the reptilian part of our evolution, just like we are part mineral, plant, and animal. We are also part reptile.

The Crown is the manifestation of the World Adversarial Force from within each one us. Those of us who have fallen victim to the narrative of one group or another controlling the whole of the world have been tricked to leave the trail of enlightenment and spiritual evolution.

Think on human weakness and the sin of greed. We want more of the material things and less of the spiritual. We need a balance of these two things in order for both matter and spirit to evolve together, and the Christ to return within each one us.

Monetary systems and the control of wealth is the greatest weapon used against us. It is why so many of us obsess on gold and currency.

Consider everything I have written here. The Pope wears the same headdress as the Phoenician priests. The Phoenician Empire is rising from the ashes of the mortal head would it suffered thousands of years ago. Its systems of law and governance cover the face of the Earth.

Now consider the cover from the Economist Magazine decades ago where it showed a Phoenix bird standing on a pile of burning dollars. Get ready for a world currency it said. The Phoenician Empire is coming back. But fear not. It has been destroyed on previous occasions and can be again. The Tower of Babel and the blasphemy of Nimrod against God ensured that the people were scattered across the face of the Earth and given different languages so they could never come together and scheme against God again.

But damn, didn’t we find a way.

A one world government and religion, along with a universal language app I’m sure, will not succeed either. Each of us are meant to walk the grail path and learn the Christ process of material and spiritual evolution. We are not a corporation. We are spiritual and material beings. Imbalances will not be allowed to continue towards one inevitable end. Both light and dark must exist in balance with one another.

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