You Are Here: Concept for spreading Audio Arts like Visual Arts

San Diego Central Library Art Gallery

You Are Here

Month/Day through Month/Day, 2018 | S. D. Central Library Gallery
Opening reception, noon – 2 pm, Saturday Month/Day


This exhibit celebrates the creative energy found within San Diego’s higher-education music departments, and brings that unique energy off the local school campuses to the public’s Central Library, downtown San Diego.

Based on the legacy model of On-Campus Exhibitions, this event gives the general public easy and FREE access to the audio and musical talents of local teaching-artists, and their emerging audio / music art students.

Display booths filled with audio music art technology, will put on view new works (Neo Opus) that are as diverse as the sound studio art practices at the schools of higher-education.  These works will exhibit:

  • Instructors and students working together in a variety of audio / musical methods and styles;
  • Including analogy and digital technology, incorporation.

The Exhibition Show includes XX instructors with XXX students representing XX schools of higher-education.  Some of the following instructors / schools who are scheduled to participate in “You Are Here” include:


Concept Source Material:

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